Covid 19 Rescue & Revive Price Menu

Covid 19 Rescue & Revive Price Menu 

The following menu has been put in place to ensure your hair colour is returned to the original state prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. We have put temporary prices in place. Prices have been carefully calculated to the challenges we will be faced with. Allocation to lengthier than usual appointment, extra product usage and personal one to one service been taken into consideration to ensure the service is carried out to our and your expectations.

We predict some clients may be affected from 1-2 appointments.

Challenges we expect 

  • Extreme re growths 
  • Colour fade 
  • Sun and wind damage 
  • Dry ends 
  • Re shaping and correcting Hair cuts

What you can do to help us in the next few weeks leading up to your appointment, 

  • If you are having a colour service please ensure your hair is shampooed, conditioned, abd free from any residue , 24 hours prior is sufficient.
  • Please ensure you are using products your stylist has recommend
  • If you have any doubt don't hesitate to contact Laurna, Elena or Anta 
  • or go direct to our online shop where you will be able to access products

we as the team at O'Hair Spa have worked very hard to plan and put in place a working timetable for stylist. Our aim is to ensure your appointment is with your allocated stylist.

Thank you for patience at these exceptional times  

Covid 19 Rescue & Revive Price Menu