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How do i take care of my hair?

Make sure you use a good quality shampoo & conditioner twice a week that suits your hairs need, and make sure you comb wet hair and brush dry hair.

Always use a heat protection product such as the Kèrestase thermique cream or KMS therma range when using heat styling tools, and Of course make sure you get regular trims.

Why does my scalp get greasy?

Some people produce more oils than others or simply because of incorrect products. It can be triggered by various factors, puberty, stress, pregnancy, menastration, or medication. Use Kèrastase Bain divalent or KMS deep cleanse shampoo or Kerasilk Revive to help.

Tip: use cool water rather than hot to rinse your hair.

How do i maintain my cool blondes or cooler dark colour?

You should always look after and maintain your colour to your colour needs, we recommend Kérastase Blonde Absolu or KMS blonde color vitality with violet tones to keep the warmth at bay.

Ive Got Dandruff… HELP!

Using Kerastase Bain Anti-peticular, or Kerasilk Revive will balance the pH of your scalp, they will rid of any excess dandruff & dry scalp problems that can be caused by dry scalp, eczema or psoriasis. Drink Plenty of water also.

My hair is so dry!

If your hair is feeling dry, we recommend using a deep nourishing Mask once a week, shampoo with Kerasrase Bain Satin, towel dry and apply your mask and leave it on for 5-15 mins before rinsing.

How can i maintain my rich colours?

You need to make sure with any colour that you use the correct products to maintain your glossy rich colour, such as Kérastase Chromatique , KMS colour Vitality or Kearsilk Color shampoo & conditioner.

Tip; keep washing and heat styling to a minimum,( twice a week maximum) over washing & styling can lead to dramatic colour fade.

My hair is so flat, I Need Volume?

Using correct products such as Kerasilk Repower Range, KMS ADD volume or Kérastase Volumatique Range from start to finish can enhance your flat limp hair, Partly drying your hair and applying volume products will help give you that extra root lift and hold to your style.

tip; dry your hair upside down (mainly roots) then finish styling and adding structure to your style after.

How do i maintain Frizz?

If you’re looking to maintain and control Frizzy locks, you need to make sure you care for your hair from start to finish, using the correct products will benefit you, Kerasilk Control range, KMS Tame Frizz or Kérastase discipline range will help maintain the frizz.

For a longer lasting result, we reccomend, Kerasilk’s Smoothing System giving smooth results up to 5 Months!

Advice and Ideas